Question about something on my Glock21SF trigger. Is this Normal??

Question about something on my Glock21SF trigger. Is this Normal??
help I have OCD i admit but this plastic in is taking a walk out of the trigger...
I pushed it back in

Thanks.. I love this Glock21SF So Far!!! 200 rounds no hiccups at all.

I pushed on it hard enough and it was a plastic clicked back in.
Just curious if this happened to anyone else...


Review and Range Report > CZ 999

Eastern Europeon Countries have always been known for producing quality firearms over last many centuries. Gun smithing in countries like Russia, Czechoslovakia, Hungry, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Poland etc is a cultral aspect. This industry gave this world handguns like CZ75B, Makarov, TT-33, Feg, XD, CZ999 and Viking.

CZ999 Scorpion is a Serbian handgun and is basically a clone of Sig P226 whereas the frame of the gun takes a few things from Walther P88. The first handgun in the series was developed in early 90s by a Yugoslavian company, Crvena Zastava. CZ999 Scorpion is a later derivative of CZ99 and is being manufactured in Serbia by the same company which is now called Zastava Arms. Even today, the old CZ99 is the official sidearm of most units of Serbian Army, though many have been equipped with newer models. CZ99 was a little smaller in length and had thicker grips. In 2000, CZ999 was developed by CZ which was the same gun as CZ99 but had slightly thinner grips and was overall a bit longer in length. In addition, it also had a Firing Mode Selector on the slide (DAO and SA/DA modes) and a Low Shot Indicator (a pin that used to protrude in the grips indicating last three shots). In 2004, Crevena Zastava developed CZ999 Scorpion which is same as CZ999 but does not have firing mode selector and last 3 shots indicator.

Though a clone itself, Israeli Golan pistol and South African TZ99 are licensed copies of CZ99, the grand father of CZ999 Scorpion. CZ999 Scorpion was imported in US as Charles Daly ZDA and later as EAA EZ9.


Model:CZ999 Scorpion
Manufacturer:Zastava Arms, Serbia
Caliber:9x19 mm Parabellum
Dimensions:198x140x34 mm
Barrel: 108 mm
Weight(unloaded):840 grams, 1140 grams with loaded magazine.
Capacity:15 rounds.
Sight Radius:155 mm
Slide:Forged Steel
Frame:Aluminum Alloy
Sights: Fixed three dot sights.
Trigger Pull:DA….. 4,5 daN, SA…… 2 daN

Note: CZ999 shown in this review is not NIB. The pics should be viewed keeping in mind this aspect.


Any information about the performance of Charles Daly ZDA, which is supposed to the same gun, manufactured by Zastava Arms??

taurus pt 22

bought my wife a taurus jams every time i try to shoot hollow points.however it has never jammes with regular .22LR rounds.have any of you had a simalar problem ?

... is flat in hollow points, in effect. getting hung up on ramp... stick with round nose, or try stingers.... or if you feel you can polish the ramp slightly to round it up towards the chamber... IMO.

A little friendly HR Trade

So I posted for trade on this forum my Ultra CDPII, for a fullsize 1911. I didn't really want to get rid of my Kimber, as it was a sweet little .45, but I just didn't carry it enough for me to justify it sitting. Less than 12 hours after posting this on THR, I recieved an offer, for a Springer TRP Operator, which looked like it be jusst the fit for what I was looking for. I contacted the owner,( a fellow HRer), and we set up a meet for ftf. He brought a few others that I might be intersted in, and when I left I had traded my Kimber, and some benjamins for the Springer, and a Sig Saur 1911, 4" S.S, with nite sights.

After returning home, I loaded them both up with some "quality" cci blazers, and commenced to shooting. I really like the Sig, and the Springer shoots well too.

What I was wandering was if anyone had any idear, on what for Sig this is. I don't have any pics yet, but will try to explain. It is a 4", Stainless, with a pretty long, but not full length rail. I looked on Sig's website, and couldn't find a replica. I hope this isn't something I'm gonna regret. Sorry for the long ramblings, and thanks for your input/ information...-Joshua

I think i found what you are talking about only its not in stainless.

This is the sig carry custom 1911